Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Sham: where the ebonics guide to shakespeare begins

Ok, cruel world, listen up.
Put on your bifocals and let's give out a warm welcome to the ebonics guide to shakespeare.

Is a blog,

Cheers. Applause.
And holluh's are due.

But, the ebonics guide to whaaaaaa???

I thought my life or its documentation would best be described with a title as such.
Mostly, because the title amuses me and not because I'm just some baby-mama out there bullshitting on the boulevard looking for a higher degree.

Before I get to story-telling, I should start this thing with a bang. I should quote some shakespeare here. But I am a fraud. I don't know shit about the Shakes. And come to think of it, my grammar is a little on the sharp side to really be all that ebonics. So, this whole thing has started a sham which is great because it can totally mirror real-life at least in that respect alone. The sham goes on. The sham dilly dee-deez nuts. But, I digress.

Come, high or low
Thyself and office deftly show!

Luckily, I found some random Shakespeare to quote. It makes no sense here does it. But a quote is a quote. Boo-yah my nizzlies.

Anyhow, I've been putting off starting a blog for half an eon now. But now is as good a time to as any. And since I have recently spent some time reading literature in translation while waiting in line at the welfare office--true story--then now is the time, my friends.

Gather round bro's and ho's, phatties and shorties, the ebonics guide to shakespeare....

act one
scene one
begins next time

at the westside welfare office
where young men walk with canes and swaggar

and in accordance with the title, this should be a reccount wich may or may not contain references to either classical Greek gods or tall cans of Olde English. Probably it will be neither if i I have anything to do with it--I hate those things. But here goes.


  1. How exciting! I'm so nerdy, I can't even come up with a cool comment. Something Othello-related sounds appropriate, but I'm too lazy. Plus Othello didn't speak ebonics, and that's just racist, Alicia. See, you put me in a weird place!

  2. I saw a documentary on MSNBC about a prison which has a scheduled Shakesphere hour where the 'good behaviored' prisoners can act out the plays and then talk about the meaning.

  3. i guess the bad behaviors have to watch them as punishment